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The world of music is boundless. The sound of music accompanies us every day. Music lessons for children contribute to the overall development of thinking, memory, sense of rhythm and emotional intelligence. For many children, this is necessary for understanding the harmony of their inner world, striving to achieve goals, courage to find creative solutions and awareness of the situation of success. With the right approach, music will become a serious hobby for your child, not only a temporary hobby, but also a reliable companion in his life path. These are not just words, but the experience of several generations of our graduates.

In our center, we offer classes in piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, flute or vocals.


Russian Russian music center operates under the program of the Russian music school. Since 2006, we have been offering comprehensive education for children. Competent development of performing arts includes not only lessons on a musical instrument. All children from grade 1 take a course in solfeggio – the grammar of music, which provides the knowledge necessary for the conscious possession of a musical instrument. In addition, the curriculum includes a mandatory course in musical literature, necessary for the development of taste and general understanding of music. The course on the history of world culture is also mandatory for students of the 7th graduating class. This course allows them to understand and analyze music as an art in its relationship with the world cultural heritage.

External examination

RMC is licensed by the Sharjah Private Education Authority of the UAE. In addition, the RMC signed an Agreement on creative cooperation with the Prokofiev Children’s Music School No. 12 (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Thus, at the end of the school year and exams, our students get 2 types of documents. However, we are also open to other exam programs and are ready to help students who want to choose the most appropriate exam in accordance with the level and prepare for its completion. For many years, our students have demonstrated excellent results in passing international exams (Trinity, ABRSM, LCM) at various levels from primary to professional.


Performing on stage is just as important for a child as regular classes and exams. Our center has hosted a number of traditional concerts over the years. These concerts allow children not only to demonstrate their skills, but also to see other students, to feel like a musician among musicians. For a child, this is always an important event and a unique emotional experience of a concert performance.