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Foreign Language Department of Russian Music Center offers for you new courses of Russian, French and German languages. We provide an individual approach according to the student’s level and purposes (school help, personal interest, help with preparation to concrete goal like for ex. the Language Certificate Exams, Business or Educational Trip, Studies in European universities).

The aim of our classes is to provide students with balanced practice in all language skills, i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing as well as language components of grammar and vocabulary. Language, as we perceive it, suppose to be an effective resource for international communication and self-improvement. Soon or later kids will have to decide about their further way of life. However, the choice of university is mostly determined with the language skills. One of our tasks is to let our students to feel themselves comfortable and successful in a new foreign language environment. The course should help students to develop efficient learning strategies and encourage them to become autonomous and independent learners.

Since many years Russian Music Center collaborates with Europa-Studien-Projekt (Zwickau, Germany) in order to create for our students a unique experience of educational tourism in Europe. Under their support we can offer not only courses based on the modern methodological materials of pioneer European publishers, but as well a variety of trainings in Germany (incl. field-works, summer camps, semester abroad, school exchange and foundation year programs).