About Us

The Russian Music Center (RMC) is a training center for children where they can get a profound education in the field of music and the fine arts.  First of all, it is a music school where children are trained in performance on various musical instruments according to the program of the Russian music school.

The Russian Music Center was open in September 2006 in Sharjah (License No. 545387 dtd. 26.07.2006), followed by a branch in Dubai (License No. 642731 dtd. 26.07.2010which opened in September 2010.

Our teachers come from Russia and the CIS countries; have the highest music education degrees and experience of teaching children. The Center is licensed by Sharjah Private Education Authority (License No. 63 dtd. 15.08.2019) and certified by Knowledge & Human Development Authority of Dubai (Educational Services Permit No. 61006 dtd. 30.07.2013).

At the end of the academic year students have the opportunity to take examinations and receive the acknowledgement from the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates and the Russian Federation.  Optionally students of the Center can also have an opportunity to take examinations for Trinity College London (London, UK).

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